Check out this video from Denmark before reading.

I came across this video while perusing Facebook this morning, sipping coffee and savoring the garden sounds coming through the open kitchen window. Taking note of my sensory awareness as the sense of belonging emerges in the video and the false boxes of identity are shed. Goosebumps, throat constriction, tears welling up and moderately uncomfortable vulnerability in the form of almost closing the video tab at certain points. Yet, I pause. Why such a visceral reaction? It is what has emerged with several clients in the last week or two. We crave vulnerability in others. We admire it. We are moved by it. Sometimes, we are even transformed by witnessing others’ vulnerability. And we expend vast amounts of energy cloaking our own.

Brené Brown calls this the authenticity paradox. “Vulnerability is the last thing I want you to see in me, and the first thing I look for in you.”

Absolutely, this video is edited; it is a production with a goal, a script and actors, and of course, it an advertisement. However, it illustrates a powerful metaphor. When we move to reconcile the paradox, a shift occurs. When we choose vulnerability within ourselves while being open to it in others, the mutual benefit is transcendent. The false sense of identity erodes and a more authentic sense of belonging emerges.  

It is an invigorating consideration as I move from the kitchen table to go about this day with the intention of seeing and being beyond our assigned boxes.