AT Eponaheart Counseling, Clients engage to move beyond traumatic experiences and limiting beliefs to refine self worth and esteem.

Eponaheart Counseling offers a variety of services to meet healing and personal growth goals. A shift towards positive change is always an act of great courage for any person from any walk of life. Welcome!  

Clients engage to move beyond experiences, limiting beliefs, dysfunctional patterns to challenge core issues around self worth and value. Boundary setting, authentic relationship building, and self awareness development are all key for clients to enact the changes they desire.

Services are offered in both a traditional office setting as well as in the natural setting of a working horse farm. Collaborating with horses can often be a powerful and meaningful experience for clients to develop insight and shift towards positive change in their lives.


Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy & Learning services are offered on a working horse farm in Damascus, MD. Clients engage is experiential activities to explore limiting beliefs and patterns. Scroll down to learn more.



Psychotherapy is available in an office setting in downtown Frederick, MD. Clients engage in compassionate and exploratory inner work to identify and entertain new ideas and skills to further life goals. Scroll down to learn more.


custom services

Eponaheart Counseling offers personalized experiential options for individual, families, and groups. Widely requested topics include leadership styles, conflict resolution skills, and self awareness development. Scroll down to learn more.


In Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP), clients and horse(s) work together in a wide range of healing experiences to promote emotional well being and to alleviate psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety, confusion, depression, dissociation and disorganization.  EFP is an appropriate modality for people experiencing grief and loss, issues related to abuse, trauma, fractured family systems, and/or relationship difficulties at home or work. Safety, boundary setting, appreciating the messages behind emotion and emotional agility skills are core components to heal and develop new patterns.  Interacting with horses in a natural setting can be immensely helpful for the mind, body, and spirit. Refocusing and refining skills to manage the imbalances and stressors of modern life are at the forefront of EFP.  Sessions may incorporate a number of mutually respectful equine activities such as handling, grooming, lunging, riding and vaulting as well as use of art materials, journaling and music. 

Equine Facilitated Learning

The basis of Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) centers on the equine/human interaction as a guide to initiate desired change through insight, practice, and skill acquisition.  EFL promotes personal exploration of feelings and behaviors in an educational and experiential format.  Emotional agility skills, learning about emotional messages, boundary setting skills, and a mindful approach to limiting belief patterns are explored in hands-on, horse-related activities.  EFL is an appropriate service for individuals interested in developing personal skills in managing emotions and redefining self beliefs, as a compliment to traditional psychotherapy work, and for clients or groups interested in honing skills around power and leadership, problem solving and communication skills.

Why Horses? 

Horses as herd animals form deep and profound bonds. Their survival depends on the vitality of their relationship within the herd. Like horses, humans' ability to thrive rests on the inner dynamics of our relationships, be it within the family, community or societal structure. Working in collaboration with horses is a powerful gateway to accessing authentic relationships, awareness of self in relation to others, and a return to nature as a means of developing health, contentment and vitality.

In the wild horses thrive as migrating, non-predatory herbivores through a refined sense of awareness. They respond to stimuli in accordance with the energy it emits. A lion can share the waterhole with the zebra herd if the intention is to drink.  If the lion's intention is hunger, the zebra herd senses the hunt mentality and moves to safety. This refined sense of awareness is in essence a sophisticated practice of mindfulness. As a healing and growth modality, working with horses supports humans to develop their own sense of awareness in managing and thriving in the face of significant stressors.  What are our hungry hunting lion stressors, and how do they impact our desire to thrive? More importantly, identifying, developing and refining our awareness in the face of the stressors of modern life is much of what we seek. Horses are powerful teachers in this foray.

Awareness, boundaries, non-judgment and the emotional agility to move through obstacles are all a part of what the horses may teach us.


Clients may elect to meet in the more traditional office setting. Fusing an experiential approach with mindfulness and self awareness skills enables clients to move beyond feelings of powerlessness in favor of a compassionate, authentic engagement with life. Identifying patterns of behavior and working with the messages of emotions allows for individual growth and shift toward positive change. The office setting often incorporates art, journaling, guided imagery and meditation as a means of engaging the mind, body, spirit in cultivating one's own healing and growth. Anxiety, attachment, compassion development, depression, esteem & self worth, grief & loss, isolation & loneliness, relationship dissatisfaction, self expression & creativity, spiritual exploration and trauma reconciliation are often areas of exploration in psychotherapy. Some clients may elect to split their sessions between working at the office as well as incorporating collaborative work with the horses at the farm. 


coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions were born out of requests for singular encounters to explore a specific area of interest with the horse(s).  Coaching Session clients typically meet for 90 or 120 minutes where a specific topic and goals are identified, then clients engage in experiential equine activities to gain information around insight and behavior to manifest change. Coaching Sessions popular topics include leadership styles, conflict resolution, boundary setting and assertiveness. Mindful coaching blended with safe, hands on equine experiences is a powerful formula for clients to leave the farm with positive and applicable feedback, fueled creativity, and an appreciation for their own individual growth. 

Tom M, 2017 coaching client, wrote, "Mary and the animals are remarkably attuned to the human condition and seamlessly hone in to the emotional, psychological and physical issues which are present. A nurturing safe space of introspection and heightened awareness are created at Great Strides through this unique partnership between man and animal. I highly recommend this integrated approach which promotes individual healing and an empowered new sense of self. I am grateful to both Mary and her team of horses!" 


Workshop topics include Leadership & Empowerment, Innovation & Creativity to Problem Solve, Nourishing Authenticity, and Growth through Conflict. Workshops are offered selectively through the year, are limited to 6 participants, and are usually one evening introduction followed by a day long of experiential equine encounters with discussion and processing time allotted. Workshops are formed and customized as interest is indicated - contact to share your interest in participating in a workshop.

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Service Fees & Forms


I am an out of network provider, and psychotherapy services may qualify for patient reimbursement under most insurance plans.

I value confidentiality and believe that your therapy should be guided by you and not your insurance company, and for that reason, I do not participate in any managed care plans.

The choice to use insurance for reimbursement for therapy is an individual one, please consider the following in making this decision:

  • Insurance companies are designed to reimburse for the treatment of illness. Therefore, a psychiatric diagnosis is usually required before any reimbursement is allowed.
  • Managed care companies control many facets of your therapy, including the medical necessity of care, the type of therapy they will cover, and the duration and pace of therapy.
  • All insurance companies require some personal information in order to facilitate processing your claim. Once this information is transmitted to an insurance company, ensuring information remains private and confidential is difficult.

If you elect for reimbursement, please check your coverage carefully by asking the following questions:

  • Do I have out of network mental health insurance benefits?
  • What is my deductible and has it been met?
  • How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
  • What is the coverage amount per therapy session?

Please contact me to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about insurance and fees.


Equine Facilitated Learning & Coaching fees are not eligible for reimbursement under insurance plans.  This is an educational service, and operates outside of the parameters of medical insurance plans.


Eponaheart Counseling wishes to provide quality personal development services to those who express in interest. The growth opportunities of psychotherapy and learning/coaching are infinite. With that spirit in mind, Eponaheart Counseling is committed to providing needs-based financial assistance for services when and if financial hardship is indicated. 

Please contact to discuss these options.